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It’s no secret that we went to a university (the best in the world, ahem ahem) where reading writing and arithmetic are supplemented with Rhones, robbiola and arugula; approaching food and drink with an academic intensity is nothing new to us. One of the hardest classes I took at Cornell Hotel School was a graduate level beverage class, and since it was college after all, I was definitely more learned in the nuances of Jaggermeister than a fine whiskey.  Many years later and even more worldly and more of a  drunk, I have broadened my drinking horizons (although I will never warm to aquavit, I can’t even think about it)  I am still  interested in learning from passionate, intelligent people.  Especially women.  The Whiskey Business Whiskey and Cheese pairing at Murray’s Cheese was an incredible way to spend an evening, hosted by two kick-ass women who approach their subjects with reverence and knowledge, but in an approachable and fun way…it is booze and cheese after all!

Seven and Seven
Seven and Seven
Whiskey and Cheese guide
Whiskey and Cheese guide

We were lucky enough to sample seven Scotch whiskies from the Edrington group profile, and I was most impressed with how the teachers were able to vocalize the distinct smells in each whiskey.  Although I have a keen sense of smell, it is sometimes hard for me to find the proper descriptors, and these girls hit the scents on the head when identifying the different notes,  in the cheeses as well.  We learned about casks and how different kinds impart different flavors, and about how different animals have higher fat contents in their milk, and how when pairing whiskey and cheese together, the fat from the cheese can bind to the tannins in the whiskey and soften the punch.  Although we only tackled Scoth whiskies (the equivalent of a class solely devoted to Italian wines), I was interested to learn about how whiskey production is almost every bit as nuanced as wine. And cheese, well cheese is always good…

Nicola brings Whiskey to the beach, get cooler than that...
Nicola brings Whiskey to the beach, get cooler than that…
Murrays Cheese NYC
Jasper Hill Harbison was paired with Macallan 12

I am not a complete whiskey convert, but I am more comfortable dipping my toe into it now. I needed no conversion to the religion of cheese, and I am eager to learn more- I think I would make a fabulous monger- but mainly I love to see how women are getting the message out that it is sexy to eat and drink, and even sexier to be smart about it.   Check out the Edrington Group at www.edrington.com, and Murrays Cheese class offerings at www.murrayscheese.com/classes…

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