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Buzz Buzz Buzz…you hear that?  Although fish don’t usually make that sound, there is a deafening buzz about Catch, the new seafood joint/clubhouse from the EMM Group, located-where else- on a prime corner in the Meatpacking District.  Since this place has been open, their PR machine has made sure that celebrities passing through town, Supermodels looking for a place to hold their Halloween party and just about every sceney person in NYC has dined there.  A sample of celebs that have been to Catch (some were there for private parties, in all fairness, not just dining on their own) include: Jay Z, Nas, ‘Melo and La La, Julianne Hough, Miranda Kerr, Bradley Cooper, etc etc…Also there are assorted promoters, models, people with famous parents, etc…

The good news is that there is actually delicious food to go with all of that eye candy, and the menu is definitely celeb- size- 0- friendly, with lots of raw bar, sushi, simply grilled fish, and the like.  The chef is a former Top Chef winner, and the food is drastically better than Abe and Arthur’s, EMM’s other MPD resto .  The dining room is large, and I am sure that the owners themeselves have devised some sort of strategic seating plan, so that celebs, socials and nobodies are all in their rightful place. Service was efficient and friendly, and they didn’t even rush us out of our table, even though I am sure they were dying for it back. I was thrilled to have my first stone crabs of the season, even if it meant getting a little dirty in front of the beautiful people.    Prices add up, but is a small price to pay to be part of the scene du jour.

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