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Buttons Undone

Pants at a Glance
  • scene: French country chic meets Madison Avenue mamas
  • sip: All cocktails and wines available; everything seems to pair well with chicken...
  • savor: Gnoochi; chicken chicken chicken; fries
  • sit: With another couple; with someone's parents in from out of town and staying in a posh Midtown hotel; With your mom after a day of hitting up the B's...Barney's, Bergdorf and a Bar...
  • spend: $$$
  • address: 14 East 60th Street (between Madison and Fifth)
  • phone number: (212)390-8060
  • website:

To anyone that doesn’t like Rotisserie Georgette’s chicken, I say “Cluck Off.”  This is one bird to flip for, and Georgette Farkas is the ultimate embodiment of what a Pants woman should be: chic, polished, gracious, and not afraid to eat until a button gets undone.  Naysayers will always gripe  that expensive chicken is silly, but this is a town with $26 burgers and gourmet hot dogs, and sometimes an entire experience is worth more than the sum of the parts (or in this case the cost of the courses.) Rostisserie Georgette is more French Country than Colonel Sanders, and with that comes a premium; to me, this restaurant is like the chicken equivalent of a steakhouse, with the cleanly prepared protein in the staring role and side dishes providing support.

Rotisserie Georgette NYC

Rotisserie Georgette is most definitely an uptown place; the crowd is a little bit older and more dressed up, and our only celebrity sighting was of the entertainment lawyer variety.  I was very impressed with  the aesthetics of the room, especially the tiling that framed the kitchen and the fresh flowers arrangements on the bar; you get the impression that someone really thought out every detail in the entire restaurant, and that care extends to the food.  The gnocchi Parisienne was rich and earthy, creating the only scenario in which  Boyfriend will eat any vegetables, due to the creamy sauce that had us dipping our bread in for last bites. We also started with some roasted artichokes, which were undoubtedly delicious, but we are not here to talk about vegetables, are we mon amour?  No, we are hear to talk about chicken-  juicy, plump, roasted, spun, seasoned and served chicken.  And some lamb, but more on that later.

Rotisserie Georgette NYC
Did it all for the gnocchi…

We ordered two types of chicken- one fancy, and one not, basically- the Poulet Roti with sauce Provencal, and the Poulet Luxe, served for two with wild mushroom stuffed breast, foie gras and jus.  The Poulet Luxe  naturally will draw comparisons  to the NoMad chicken with the similar outfit, and while the NoMad version may ultimately reign supreme, this dish does tasty, decadent justice to every ingredient. The flavors and textures are vibrant and pronounced, and the dish is very filling. (Note: we do not have any pictures  of our own because we were too excited to dig in and couldn’t contain ourselves; Pants fail.)  The Poulet Roti was simply an extremely well done roast chicken, which is supposed to be simple- high quality spices and careful cooking ensure the most pure, moist, chicken flavor and texture.  The provencal herbs added a little extra kick, with a subtle dose of garlic.  There was some talk of excessive salt, but I found the seasoning to be spot on. We supplemented our chickens with mushrooms, crunchy rotisserie potatoes and lots of french fries, and I threw a little bit of a fit because I really wanted the other potato option, but I guess life is full of little sacrifices.  And life is also full of little surprises, such as when we were presented with a gifted order of the lamb, a dish were considering but had to drop in the name of exhibiting some restraint.  The lamb was beautifully presented and cooked, and just as beautiful on the palate, a nod to traditional Mediterranean lamb preparation with a sophisticated appearance.

Rotisserie Georgette NYC
We didn’t take the picture but we ate the bird…

Ahh, dessert was an ice cream sundae, never a bad thing.  We got to check out the impressive rotisseries and see the charming private room, which gives the impression of being at a small dinner party in the French countryside.  I had an incredible evening at Rotisserie Georgette and recommend this lovely restaurant without hesitation. I can’t wait to fluff my feathers and fly on by for another evening of outstanding hospitality and some uptown birds.  Winner Winner chicken…chicken.

Rotisserie Georgette NYC
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  1. Your photos are superb. Your dialog is well written and makes me smile as iam sure you ladies do a lot of. With respect S.Elaine