Resolve to Eat BETTER in 2014

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Sisterhood Unite! It is the time of the year for making promises to yourself in the pursuit of overall improvement, a cultural epidemic from which the Pants are not immune. However, we have a resolution for you all to adopt that is not only easy and fun to keep, but will make you a happier, more satisfied person.  We challenge all of you to eat BETTER.  The “better” that we are talking about is not a question of calories, organic or localness, cleanness, greenness or any of that nonsense; we simply believe that there is no place in your lives for food that is not delicious or fulfilling.  Not every meal has to be a gastronomic adventure or a major expense, but it is worth making the most of every bite and calorie that you ingest.  Below are some tips to take your meals to the next level, and if you choose to hit the gym a little harder, that is up to you.  Go forth and eater BETTER, the reward speaks for itself!

Rubirosa NYC
Half vodka sauce, half sausage, whole amazingness at Rubirosa

Pizza- Life is too short for shitty pizza!  Whether it is late night, the morning after, or you are just craving a quick slice, why not take the extra minute to seek out something better than the greasy joint on the corner? Artichoke, Motorino, and Joe’s are all open late and are a step above anything else that you will find.  Speciality ovens and fresh toppings are popping up at boutique pizza shops all over town (Forcella, Co, Luzzo’s, Rubirosa, Don Starita), so why not make the most out of your cheesy, saucy, splurge on an elevated representation of the classic?

Let Chef Ichimura blow your mind...
Let Chef Ichimura blow your mind…

Sushi – True story, they now sell sushi in the Walgreens on 14th Street, but that doesn’t mean you should eat it.  Sushi is found in every gourmet market and bodega, but you are better than that ( As Gosling says, “Be Better than the Gap”.) I’ve been there- I have selected a brown rice California roll from the deli case just to get me through the day, but WHY? To really experience sushi, you owe it to yourself to stave off your craving with something else, and wait to try some special fish, the true Japanese way, not with cold brown rice and tuna.  Push yourself beyond rolls and see what real sushi is all about- it doesn’t even need to cost you a ton.  Go to a sushi bar, talk to the chef, and challenge yourself to try something that scares you slightly. Our favorite place right now is obviously Sushi Dojo, but Hatsuhana has some really fresh stuff going on at reasonable prices and even non-traditional places like Koi and Catch will allow you to try raw fish in new and exciting ways.


Ramen/Soba- It is so fucking cold out, but don’t settle down with a styrofoam Cup O’Noodle quite yet- treat yourself to some authentic ramen amazingness, as real-deal joints are opening all throughout the city.  Ippudo has attempted to lighten its wait-times with a Midtown west location, Ivan Ramen is in the Gotham West Market, and Soba-ya and Donguri  are always under the mainstream radar.  Salty broth, springy noodles, and flavors both bold and subtle are the hallmarks of truly well-done noodle soups, and there is no  better time that now to get slurping.


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