Pantsarazzi-Rihanna at Philippe

Rihanna loves Philippe- she is in there just about every time she is in NYC.  Philippe has two great private rooms, one of which is a wine cellar, that affords celebrities a blanket of privacy until the owner sells them out for PR.  Regardless, the hook at Philippe is this:  While some might bitch that it is not “real” Chinese food, Philippe draw people back by doing very particular and unique menu items very well- items that are only available at Philippe (or Mr. Chow, from where the people behind Philippe stole all of their recipes). So, when Rihanna goes to Philippe, it is most likely that RiRi is craving very specific specialities and not just Chinese food in general.  If anyone is to go to Philippe (or Mr. Chow, to be honest), below is a list of the can’t miss items.  Now, when you meet Rihanna, you will have something to talk about, other than, you know, Chris Brown.

Chicken Satay (the iconic orange color is from carrots; the creamy peanut sauce is very fattening, but delicious)

Chicken lettuce wraps (at Mr Chow they are squab)

Crispy Seaweed Salad (don’t try to figure it out, just love its sweet crunchiness, and bring floss)

Nine Spice Prawns

Green Prawns (the green is from spinach)

Crispy Beef

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