Hollywood on the Hudson: Suggestions for Tribeca Film Fest Food

This time of year, Tribeca and its LuLu Lemon clad denizens get an extra shot of glamour thanks to the Tribeca Film Festival rolling into town.  Bobby D pulls out all of the big guns, and usually subdued Tribeca gets all gussied up for big time premieres and indie-thinkers.  If you happen to be in the area to enjoy some cinema or just try to creep some celebrities, here are some of our favorites joints to check out.  We won’t guarantee a celebrity sighting, but it is worth a shot…

Nobu: Any Hollywood heavyweight or lightweight starlet knows that Nobu is one of the best restaurants in NYC. Power lunches and celeb-filled lunches are a daily occurrence here, and this place is the perfect mix of style and substance.   The uniquely crafted signature dishes and inventive takes on Japanese food are a draw for svelte starlets, locals, and tourists alike.  Sip some sake and try not to stare…Some of our favorite dishes include: Salmon new style sashimi, miso chips with tuna, yellow sashimi with jalapenos, lobster moriwai pasta, black miso cod with butter lettuce. Note: if you can not get a reservation, try your luck at Nobu Next Door…also, eating late here (10 pm) is not as offensive as it is at other places…

The Harrison: I love the vibe of this creative American restaurant- it is light and airy, like dining at your friend’s really nice Hamptons house.  It is a perfect place for under the radar celebrities to catch up and fill up.  Amanda Freitag has a fresh, straightforward approach to cooking and a menu that has something for everyone.  This is both a neighborhood spot and a destination.

Kutsher’s: Since its opening, Kutcher’s has been getting a lot of attention for a menu that has both new and familiar classic Jewish items.  Displaced NY’ers returning from LA might want to check out this trendy space serving some of the food that they grew up with.  The potato pancakes with caviar are  the true stars of the menu, and there is a to die for Reuben during lunch time. This place is usually pretty busy, and the space is buzzy.

Locanda Verde-Maybe the Beautiful People have an easier time getting in to Locanda Verde, because it is always a mission for me. If I had DeNiro on speed dial, I would definitely hit him up to squeeze me in for some lamb meatball sliders and roast chicken. The best bet for Locanda Verde is to get there early and wait for a walk-in table.  Or better yet, see if you can sit outside and watch the action go by.  This is one of my favorite places, and a must-see spot in Tribeca, any time of year.

Smith and Mills-Say you just got out of an intense documentary and you want to discuss what you just saw with some friends over artisinal cocktails and bites (burger, meatballs, sausage and pretzel, cheese plate), then this is your place.  Although it is teeny tiny, Smith and Mills has a devoted celebrity following, and it is a perfect place for a late night drink in a pretty sleepy neighborhood.

Marc Forgione:  You never know what famous faces could be lurking in this rustic dining room.  The casual vibe covers up some serious foodie cred going on, and the chicken alone is worth a little jet lag.  This is a great place to belly up to the bar and then fill your belly.  This is also a pretty romantic spot, so if you happen to making a date night out of any screenings, this is your jam.

Nobu: 105 Hudson Street (at Franklin); (212)-219-0500 www.noburestaurants.com

The Harrison: 355 Greenwich Street (at Harrison); (212)274-9310 www.theharrison.com

Kutsher’s: 186 Franklin Street (between Greenwich and Hudson); (212)431-0606 www.kutsherstribeca.com

Locanda Verde: 377 Greenwich Street (at North Moore); (212)925-3797 www.locandaverdenyc.com

Smith and Mills: 71 North Moore Street (between Hudson and Greenwich); (212) 226-2515 www.smithandmills.com

Marc Forgione: 134 Reade Street (between Hudson and Greenwich); 212-941-9401 www.marcforgione.com

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