Charlie Sheen and the Hookers at Daniel

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The weirdest part of the whole Charlie Sheen/Plaza/Drug/Hooker situation (old news I know) is the fact that he went to dinner with this crew at Daniel.  Daniel! The refined, elegant Daniel, where people actually care more about taste than tits.  If Charlie was in fact doing coke in the bathroom, why bother to go somewhere so pricey and delicious- he was not going to be eating anyway! And, not for nothing, it is a HIKE to get to the bathroom at Daniel, which means he really had to work for those bumps. The news reports that he went to the bathroom, did lines and took off his pants are especially amusing if you are familiar with the nicely appointed bathrooms at Daniel.

I am sure that there have been many hookers at Daniel before, but probably more in the escort sense, the full GFE, with small talk involved.  Charlie Sheen doesn’t strike me as that sort of guy.  If I were going to dinner with a group that included my ex-wife and hookers, I would probably take them somewhere with a little more action, like Tao. It is close to the Plaza and such a group would not really attract so much attention.  The bathroom is also downstairs, but it just seems to make more sense than Daniel.  And as good as the food is, you choose to party over your pad thai, you are not missing that much.

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