The Stanton Social- The United Nations in my Belly

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Pants at a Glance
  • scene: noisy noisy bi-level space that features bar/lounge seating upstairs; vibe is lively and usually full of large tables, because the food is so conducive to sharing; look is slightly industrial
  • sip: they have a number of specialty cocktails, The Strawberry Fields is amazing, as is the Cucumber Vanilla Cosmopolitan and the Pink Grapefruit Mint Martini
  • savor: French Onion Soup dumplings; everything from the Brunch Menu- especially bacon egg and cheese sliders, the baby benedict and the huevos Rancheros soft tacos
  • sit: groups are best, lots to share; I have been here on a date, and it was not a bad choice, but the soup dumplings are awkward to eat if you don't the person well or want to appear dainty; the best stuff here, like most places, is not good for you, so I suggest going with guests that you are not afraid to eat in front of; it is also one of the most established and biggest restaurants on the LES, so it is a good spot to take people who might not be so familiar with that area- it just gets very LOUD
  • spend: $$$
  • address: 99 Stanton Street (between Ludlow and Orchard)
  • phone number: 212-995-0099
  • website:

IF only all cultures could get along as well as they do in my stomach after a meal at Stanton Social. Where else will you find Russians, Mexicans, Italians and Chinese getting along so well?  You see, the binding culinary philosophy at Stanton social is small plates, and that genre is not limited to cuisine of a certain nationality.  Basically, Stanton Social is like the world’s best cocktail hour- an Epcot of of world cuisines in a trendy atmosphere at a decibel so loud, it doesn’t matter what language you speak…

So, starting with some favorites, the (French) Onion Soup dumplings are little pockets of amazingness, served baked over with cheese, with toothpicks inserted and filled with French onion soup broth.  Be forwarned- some times they are very hot and explode in your mouth (that’s what she said). Moving through the menu and through the world, other yummy dishes include potatoe and goat cheese pierogies, spicy lamb souvlakis, old school meatballs (really suprsingly light ), moo shu chicken ( I couldn’t make this up if I tried), and duck confit empanadas. I really can’t stand miso glazed chilean sea bass satays, the idea of fish on a stick makes me vomit a little, but apparently they are really good as well, no judgements…

Also worth noting are the sliders, which include Kobe beef, lobster roll, and grilled cheese. While the range of cusines might sound a little silly and all over the place, the small portions and careful execution of all of the dishes keeps Stanton Social from being a flash in the pan of world cuisine. I recommend Stanton Social for brunch, or if you are with a large group that can’t quite decide what they feel eating, because it is probably the only place, short of a food court, where you can have Corn dogs and Nori Spiced Tuna tartare at the same time.

Note: Their brunch is amazeballs, so many options from egg and cheese biscuits to warm donuts to chicken and waffles and Huevos Rancheros…it is a great place for a day birthday party, ask for Abby to book…

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