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Pants.  Our whole brand started with a discussion about pants. and they still represent the biggest struggle in our life: how do we eat the way the we like to eat (until our buttons burst) and still look cute? I am sure that of the proposed sports intended to be performed in “athleisure wear,” a professional eating contest  was not one of them, and there are many occasions were LuLu and her lemon are not appropriate.  The dangers of overindulging while wearing the wrong pants are clear: muffin top, broken zippers, split seams, etc, but the danger of not looking your best is high as well, especially when heading for a big night out.


After countless experiments, we are confident to share with you our secret weapon for eating the most and looking your best: The Daria Pant from Wilfred Free, available at Aritzia. These sexy, stretchy, sucking in-ish pants look ridiculously like real leather and lend a certain element of nonchalant chic to every outfit.  We pair ours with everything from leopard slip on sneakers to knee -hight boots, with layers or sweaters, and no one is any the wiser of their tummy tucking abilities. And plus, if you prefer your meat on your plate but not on your bod, they are vegan. We recommend sizing down for the best fit.

perfect with boots...
perfect with boots…
... and perfect with loafers
… and perfect with loafers

Pants Stance: These are a fantastic investment for all the girls like us, who some times have to undo a button but also want to look good doing it…And it doesn’t hurt that guys dig them too.


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