The All Buttons Bursting Holiday Gift Guide

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Well jingle our balls, its that time again! Whether you are a Shiksa Santa or a Merry Menorah Mama, ’tis the season for gift-gifting, and The Pants are here to help! We love giving thoughtful gifts, and also appreciate the impact of a present of pure whimsy.  We have two schools of thought when it comes to giving gifts: either give something for which the recipient has explicitly or subtly  asked, or surprise them with something they would never buy for themselves. The gift of time spent together (eating and drinking) always tops our Holiday wish- list,  but nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with destroying a neatly wrapped gift…

Our selections to help with all of your gift-giving needs:

Word of MOUTH...order by December 16th
Word of MOUTH…order by December 16th

For your Foodie Friend: Mouth

Mouth curates American indie food and drink brands and puts them together in thoughtful and easy packages- either as one time gifts or re-orccuring gifts. Think: Popcorn Every Month, featuring flavors like white truffle mini popcorn and toasted nori popcorn; Bourbon Every Month, Bacon Every Month, etc.  For a one time seasonal gift, we love the Holiday  Savory and Sweet Fix,  which is an assortment of noshes that are sure to make anyone’s palate happy. Full size snacks, including  savory cheese coins, sea salt caramels, and  spiced candy almonds, come individually wrapped in a Mouth tote, making for an easy hostess gift, or care package for a friend hungry for something different.

Naughty and Nice
Naughty and Nice

For that friend that never misses Happy Hour: Cocktail Crate

Cocktail Crate is pretty close to having your own personal mixologist.  Their pre-made cocktails are delicious and fresh, and really easy to serve- just add booze, and garnish, and you are good to go. The offerings change seasonally, and we love the Spiced Old Fashion to help take the edge off the cold winter nights.  Expect a lot of invitations if you send Cocktail Crate…

But officer, I only had one drink...
But officer, I only had one drink…

For your bestie with whom you have been known to drain one or two (bottles) or wine:

THIS , deceptively large wine glass that fits an entire bottle of wine, eliminating the need for pesky refills, as well as any feelings of guilt. “I only had one….”

Don't let them leave home without Luxe
Don’t let them leave home without Luxe


For that friend who has wanderlust and always wears her Traveling Pants- Luxe City Guides

We love to travel, and never go anywhere internationally without first consulting the Luxe Guides; they are the cheeky, worldly British friend we wish we had.  Pocket- sized and absolutely packed with information, the Luxe Guides fit into your smallest night- time clutch, and include EVERYTHING you need to know about visiting a foreign city, including basic phrases in the native language (often including, “make that a double”) and itineraries based on priorities (shopping, culture, etc) . They also make multi-city packs for longer trips, and attractive boxed sets, which we have given as gifts many times.

Don't "sweat" the holidays, just order from Bow and Drape by December 15th
Don’t “sweat” the holidays, just order from Bow and Drape by December 15th

For your coworker who loves a good pun: Bow and Drape Sweatshirt

Bow and Drape will put any phrase you want on a sweatshirt, perfect for that friend who cracks themselves up on their Instagram stories. Personalized gifts always show an extra degree of thought, and these sweats are perfect for your friend with the successful instagram account, the friend who can’t stop making Kanye puns, and your friend who is just that obsessed with their dog.

We will be better next year, we promise, we only need one...
We will be better next year, we promise, we only need one…

Our wishlist item: DXO One iPhone/iPad camera attachment.

Many of our fancy Instagram Influencer friends were gifted this little piece of photo magic and we are absolutely green with envy. A portable way to upgrade simple iPhone photos (which we use for our Insta account) without  lugging around a big camera, the DXO One allows you to take and edit camera quality photos in a pocket- friendly attachment. If you are not so inclined to gift us one ( like the PR firm that gave these out, GRRR), this is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves taking photos of their food, or is intimidated by a large camera.

The way to a chef's heart
The way to a chef’s heart

For the Home-cook: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

“Ferris, he doesn’t drive it, he just rubs it with a diaper.” Cast Iron Skillets are a bit like us- high-maintenance and but totally worth it. The key to cast iron cookware is the “seasoning,” vegetable oil baked onto the iron at a high temperature to create the properties of a natural non-stick surface; this requires special attention to preserve the seasoning, but its not hard.  The more you use the skillets, the better it gets; cast iron cooking pieces can last up to 100 years.  Lodge offers high quality at reasonable prices, especially for such an investment.

Penmanship counts
Penmanship counts

For your friend with all the ideas: Smythson Panama notebook

Smythson notebooks are a luxurious little reminder of the simple pleasure of writing things down.  Pulling out one of these wittily titled, textured notebooks is an infinitely more satisfying way to record thoughts, inspirations, meals, etc than tapping away on a smartphone. Inspiration is not included. but this little gem will help…

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