March 2016

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March 25, 2016

Lilia- Girl Power

buttons bursting open

567 Union Avenue (corner of N. 10th and Union)
(718) 576-3095

The highest Pants praise! You'll head home to stretchy-pants bliss.

pants at a glance

  • scene: The front room is light and airy, and reminds you of the best restaurant you went to in another city
  • sip: Aperol Spritz; vino
  • savor: Fritelle; squash;Rigatoni Diavola; Malfadini; Black Bass; Soft Serve
  • sit: With another couple for sharing; with anyone who will go to Brooklyn
  • stilettos: The vibe is casual, but this food deserves a little respect, so brush your hair hipsters
  • spend: $$
  • address: 567 Union Avenue (corner of N. 10th and Union)
  • phone number: (718) 576-3095
  • website:

pants picks

BKcasualItalWoman in the Kitchen

The Sisterhood loves nothing more than the chance to sing the praises of a woman chef, and we know that we will not be alone in singing the song of Missy Robbins once more people get their asses to Lilia. We have long been fans of Missy Robbins, especially her wonderful pastas, but for no particular […]

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