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April 22, 2011

The Stanton Social- The United Nations in my Belly

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99 Stanton Street (between Ludlow and Orchard)

Good. But you'll still be able to go dancing after your meal.

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  • scene: noisy noisy bi-level space that features bar/lounge seating upstairs; vibe is lively and usually full of large tables, because the food is so conducive to sharing; look is slightly industrial
  • sip: they have a number of specialty cocktails, The Strawberry Fields is amazing, as is the Cucumber Vanilla Cosmopolitan and the Pink Grapefruit Mint Martini
  • savor: French Onion Soup dumplings; everything from the Brunch Menu- especially bacon egg and cheese sliders, the baby benedict and the huevos Rancheros soft tacos
  • sit: groups are best, lots to share; I have been here on a date, and it was not a bad choice, but the soup dumplings are awkward to eat if you don't the person well or want to appear dainty; the best stuff here, like most places, is not good for you, so I suggest going with guests that you are not afraid to eat in front of; it is also one of the most established and biggest restaurants on the LES, so it is a good spot to take people who might not be so familiar with that area- it just gets very LOUD
  • stilettos: For brunch, feel free to come in flats and hangover outfits, as long as they are not sweats (I do not endorse wearing sweats out, if you haven't noticed); dinner is a little more buzzy, cool beats cleavage at this spot...
  • spend: $$$
  • address: 99 Stanton Street (between Ludlow and Orchard)
  • phone number: 212-995-0099
  • website:

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Chews before you boozeGroupsStanton Social

IF only all cultures could get along as well as they do in my stomach after a meal at Stanton Social. Where else will you find Russians, Mexicans, Italians and Chinese getting along so well?  You see, the binding culinary philosophy at Stanton social is small plates, and that genre is not limited to cuisine […]

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