July 2015

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July 27, 2015

Alta Linea- Walk the Line

buttons open

180 10th Avenue (inside the Highline Hotel courtyard)
(212) 929-3888

Excellent. You'll consume more than your skinny jeans will allow.

The Sisterhood of the Unbuttoning Pants

pants at a glance

  • scene: Summer scensters looking to take in the great outdoors and great Italian food
  • sip: Well -crafted cocktails; wine
  • savor: Mushroom bruschetta; grilled cheese; artichokes
  • sit: With a girlfriend to catch up and share some bites; with a date after a romantic stroll on the Highline
  • stilettos: Downtown cool and girls in their summer clothes, anything goes
  • spend: $$
  • address: 180 10th Avenue (inside the Highline Hotel courtyard)
  • phone number: (212) 929-3888
  • website: www.altalineanyc.com

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Great DateItalnoteworthy cocktailsoutdoor

Alta Linea, in the Highline Hotel, is is the newest restaurant from the Epicurean Group, our restaurant group crush. There are two important things to know: Alta Linea has doesn’t have a roof, and doesn’t have pasta.  Just wanted to get all of that out there. Summer is for supping, sunning and scene-ing, and this […]

fully unzipped

March 30, 2015

Spigolo- Uptown Funk

buttons bursting open

1471 Second Avenue (between 76th and 77th)
(212) 744-1100

The highest Pants praise! You'll head home to stretchy-pants bliss.

Unbuttoning Pants Spigolo NYC

pants at a glance

  • scene: Dark wood, large bar, candlelight; neighborhood Italian place with class and comfort
  • sip: Fully revamped cocktail list
  • savor: Picolo Piatti menu, especially the gnocchi, porchetta sandwich and the branzino
  • sit: With a date; with a friend from the neighborhood; by yourself at the bar
  • stilettos: Uptown neat- jeans are okay, but maybe leave the gold Nikes at home and slip on some Chloe flats...
  • spend: $$
  • address: 1471 Second Avenue (between 76th and 77th)
  • phone number: (212) 744-1100
  • website: www.spigolonyc.com

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Counter culturegood in the hoodItalnoteworthy cocktails

Very few people would think that 76th Street is “downtown” from much, but Spigolo just moved from its original location in the  80’s to their new home on second Avenue and 76th Street, and man are things different down in this neck of the woods. In order to reach a more casual clientele without sacrifcing the […]

fully unzipped