April 2014

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April 23, 2014

Rotisserie Georgette- Uptown Girl

buttons open

14 East 60th Street (between Madison and Fifth)

Excellent. You'll consume more than your skinny jeans will allow.

Rotisserie Georgette NYC

pants at a glance

  • scene: French country chic meets Madison Avenue mamas
  • sip: All cocktails and wines available; everything seems to pair well with chicken...
  • savor: Gnoochi; chicken chicken chicken; fries
  • sit: With another couple; with someone's parents in from out of town and staying in a posh Midtown hotel; With your mom after a day of hitting up the B's...Barney's, Bergdorf and a Bar...
  • stilettos: Manolo Blahniks and very Lily Van Der Woodsen-ish...no need to look fancy, just neat
  • spend: $$$
  • address: 14 East 60th Street (between Madison and Fifth)
  • phone number: (212)390-8060
  • website: www.rotisserieg.com

pants picks

chicken for twonear good shoppingspecial occassionUpper East Side ChicWorth the splurge

To anyone that doesn’t like Rotisserie Georgette’s chicken, I say “Cluck Off.”  This is one bird to flip for, and Georgette Farkas is the ultimate embodiment of what a Pants woman should be: chic, polished, gracious, and not afraid to eat until a button gets undone.  Naysayers will always gripe  that expensive chicken is silly, […]

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