Suck it Sandy- Where to get out of the house in Midtown

What a bitch Hurricane Sandy is! She devastated our home state of New Jersey and decimated our Jersey shore, she took our power (literally) and pissed all over Halloween on top of all of that.  We have been uprooted from our downtown digs to a strange (but functioning) land called midtown, and what a change it is.  While you could roll a bowling ball down 14th street, every pub, market and restaurant on 2nd avenue north of 48th street was packed to the limits last night, filled with both locals and their displaced guests eager to get out of the house and stop eating cereal.  I was literally shocked  by the amount of action I saw…

If you, like us, find yourselves crashing on a couch, with a significant other (sink or swim time, literally) or with family in midtown, below are some of our suggested stops that we can validate are open.  Patience will serve you well- a lot of places are packed and working with less than 100% of its staff…Keep in mind this is not a complete list, but just some of our favorites that are now open…

Chin Chin- Jimmy knows that New Yorkers can’t go too long without their Grand Marnier Shrimp and pork fried dumplings; this old stand-by (one of my favorites) is up and running, and was busting at the seems last night; best bet is to call ahead for take-out and fight your way through the crowd waiting for a table; even if you stop on a bench to eat it, it is faster than trying to get sat. (216 East 49th Street, between 3rd and 2nd) 212-888-4555

PJ Clarke’s- Debatedly the best burger in NYC, PJ Clarkes is a great bet for some old New York bar action and a juicy bite; the more subdue Sidecar upstairs offers a slightly more civilized option, but the burger is still available. (915 3rd Avenue,  at 55th Street) 212-317-1616

Lavo- Cabin Fever?  Need to shake it or want a dose of scene to remember that you are in NYC, not a remote wasteland?  Then Lavo is the place…the club was busy last night,and this Vegas transplant makes decent Italian food. (39 East 58th Street, between Madison and Park) 212-750-5588

Philippe- Another option for your Chinese food fix, this time with  more slick surroundings; even if you take your leftovers to some place with a working fridge, beware of the yellow satay sauce, that stuff looks scarier the next day than your neighbor’s kid on Halloween. (33 East 60th Street, between Madison and Park) 212-644-8885

The Smith- The Smith offers a way to feel like you are still downtown, since the original is on 3rd Avenue and 11th Streets. Good old American food is sure to please everyone. They are also open for breakfast (956 Second Avenue, at 51st Street) 212-644-2700

Fred’s at Barney’s: If retail therapy is the only thing that will get you through this storm, if burying your head in the sands of luxury and pretending all is well with the world will make you feel better, than Fred’s is the place for you.  If that doesn’t help, there is always the amazing pizzas and Bloody Mary’s. (660 Madison Avenue, between 60th and 61st) 212-833-2200

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