Pantsarazzi: Kanye West Bday Party at Miss Lily’s

Miss Lily's NYC

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Kanye West has done a few things of questionable taste of late, but his choice of Miss Lily’s for his birthday party shows nothing but good, delicious taste. I know this is old news, (his birthday was early June) and with the arrival of his bouncing baby fame seeker no one is thinking about his party, but I like any opportunity to praise Miss Lily’s. I have said this all before, but Miss Lily’s has certified itself as one of the rare breed of restaurants that can open with a lot of hype, and go on to thrive without losing its cool.

In Manhattan there are not a lot of options for jerk chicken, and I am not cool enough to head into the outer-boroughs to seek out the real deal, so in that repspect Miss Lily’s doesn’t really have any competition. Their jerk chicken is tasty and spicy, and the burger is also worth mentioning. My favorite item is the shrimp, in a sauce so red and spicy and delcious that I look forward to licking my fingers after I have peeled them all. The servers are all really god looking, and the juice counter atmosphere is a little kitschy, but fitting in the same way. The back room is a trip into a chilled out reggae world, perfect for these hot summer nights.

So not only is Miss Lily’s Pants approved, but Yeezus approves as well…

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