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While we often extoll the virtues of a pants-less lifestyle, we also enjoy looking good, especially when we are going to an upscale or trendy restaurant, or have a special event. This is part of the reason we have the “stilettos” section in our Pants at a Glance, so that you, readers, can be prepared for every element of the dining experience, and never get caught in your Lulu’s when the rest of the crowd is L’Agence.

We recently met with our favorite stylist, Alexandra Toccin from Stylists to A T, so she could help us get ready for our upcoming BOOK LAUNCH, and let us play dress up in some of the season’s top trends. (That is not a food baby from all of the delicious food from William Poll we ate at the shoot, Daryl is expecting). While “no shirt, no shoes, no service” is incentive enough to get dressed for a meal, there is no reason that food and fashion can’t be fun friends…

Check out our fun day in the video below, and our interview about our style here

Work work fashion baby…

Interview with Stylists to A T

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