Pants Guide to the best non-deflated (meat)balls in NYC

Absolutely no one, with the exception of Gisele Bunchden, should have to endure so much talk of Tom Brady’s balls.  While all this deflated ball talk can be a real appetite killer, we have chosen to think about a more pleasant sort of ball: meatballs.  Below we present our guide for properly handling your meatball craving…

Crispo meatballs and spaghetti
Crispo meatballs and spaghetti

Crispo- These taste just like the meatballs our momma made. ( She is blissfully still alive, just less inclined to cook meatballs.)  Crispo is a real gem, especially now with the outdoor garden in action, and Dora’s meatballs are a huge portion of homemade goodness.  Spaghetti included, obviously.

Lil Frankies' lil balls
Lil Frankies’ lil balls

Lil Frankies- Deflated or not, size matters, and these polpettini are bite size pieces of heaven.  Served with rigatoni, there are all sorts of fun ways to eat these babies, in Lil’ Frankie’s meaty, rich sauce.

The Meatball Shop, true to their name
The Meatball Shop, true to their name

The Meatball Shop Chicken Meatballs -If you want variety in your balls, then The Meatball Shoppe is your (ball) bag.  Our personal favorite combination are the chicken meatballs with pesto.  Great flavors, and um, healthy ( ha ha).

Extra Virgin, but still naughty
Extra Virgin, but still naughty

Extra Virgin- Start your Sunday supper early, because these babies go quickly. Available only on Sundays and in limited amounts, Extra Virgin’s meatballs have a devoted following that makes even jaded New Yorkers eat dinner before 6pm. They are just pure heaven on a plate.

Frankies 570
Frankies 570

Frankie’s 570- These crave worthy balls are available as a stand alone dish or stuffed between two pieces of perfect focaccia. Featuring raisins and pine nuts, Frankie’s balls pack a different sort of punch of flavor as well as texture, and their tomato sauce is acidic and bright, to balance any sweetness from the raisins.

Carmellin's ball game is tight
Carmellin’s ball game is tight

Locanda Verde- For when you like your balls soley in sandwich form, we present Andrew Carmellini’s lamb meatball sliders at Locanda Verde.  Light as air and complimented by whipped ricotta and a cucumber, these little sliders are the best in the game… Something Brady knows a thing or two about.

Crispo 240 West 14th Street,

Lil Frankies 19 First Avenue 

The Meatball Shop- various locations;

Extra Virgin 259 West 4th Street Meatballs on Sundays only

Frankies 570 570 Hudson Street 

Locanda Verde 377 Greenwich Street 


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