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You’ve seen almost all of our meals for the past two years, so we think it’s about time we take this relationship to the next level.  You know that we are two spicy, saucy, dishy broads, but you probably don’t even know our names: Daryl (left) and Ali Zweben. Get ready to step behind the curtain and learn a little bit more about us, besides from what we like to eat.


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Ali is the witty, pretty kitty who writes most of the reviews on the Pants site.  She is quick with a joke and quick with a drink, and her celebrity soulmate is most likely Miss Piggy. Ali worked in PR and marketing for many years in NYC before making the switch to concentrate solely on the Pants and her writing.  Besides her weekly column for on, Ali is most proud of her piece that appeared in the New York Times. She likes classic rock, boxing, tennis, travel and shoes, and her hangover cure is pizza. Ali really embraces red sauce and red soles, and is of the belief that looking good and eating well are not mutually exclusive; she loves accessories, and thinks that knives and forks are especially timeless and go with any ensemble.  She likes her water room temp and with a lemon…

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Daryl Zweben is a bit of a domestic diva, and extends her love of food into her kitchen, where she is a tiny tornado, whipping up nutritious and delicious meals for her family and friends, all in five inch heels. While Daryl got her start running events at some of the most in-demand spots in NYC, she is now embracing her status as a fourth generation restaurateur and reverse commuting to work at her family’s private event venue, Shadowbrook, in New Jersey.   She is a fire-cracker that knows good service and is not afraid to speak up, especially after a few cocktails. She is recently married but still loves to sit at sushi bars and bat her (long) eyelashes at the chefs for some extra uni.  Besides sushi, sake and ramen, Daryl’s love for all things Asian also extends to Pandas, and she hopes to cuddle with one one day soon.  Daryl drinks seltzer in alarming quantities…

Both sisters believe that not only do blondes have more fun, they have more food.  They share an intense passion for Miami Heat basketball, Rag & Bone jeans and Tom Ford make-up; they also think that Rose is a year-round drink.

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