Dos Caminos Meatpacking- More Like Gross Caminos

Pants at a Glance
  • scene: Prime Real Estate to watch the show that goes on every night in MPD; inside is brick walls, generic
  • sip: Tequila rocks; the sangria and margs are too sweet and clawing
  • savor: Guac...
  • sit: With friends who like chips and salsa and share an ironic jaded view of what goes on in MPD; possibly pervy dudes to like to watch girls strut by in Serena Van der Woodsen-sized dreses
  • spend: $$$
  • address: 675 Hudson Street
  • phone number: 212-699-2400
  • website:

I am writing this entry from a secure location, so that Steve Hanson’s obedient and fearful employees don’t come after me.  I have worked with these people, and from the top down they are INTENSE. Needless to say, this is not going to be a story with a happy ending.  I guess that the untimely shuttering of Los Dados and the endless popularity of Tortilla Flats triggered an idea in BR Guest World to finally euthenize the terrible Vento. “Ah-a! People like margaritas and a festive atmosphere in the Meatpacking District! Genius!”.  No sooner had Vento been “closed for rennovations” than did another Dos Caminos move in to take its place.  Seriously, I don’t even think that they changed one thing about the interior, Italian fare and Mexican being so interchangable and ethnic you know.  The best thing about this location has always been the outdoor seating, smack dab in the middle of everything in the Meatpacking District.  Whether you are an observer of these shenanigans or an active participant, that location has a built in customer base, so I guess that is why they feel that they can serve vomit for dinner.

I went there because my friend wanted Sangria and guac, and it was a Saturday night.  A group of us were coming from Chelsea Handler and wanted some more cocktails, if not a full night out in MPD.  After an extremely complicated reservation/name taking procedure (okay…just check back with me…when?…just check back- AND WE HAD A RESERVATION) someone finally found us and directed us to a table outside.  The Sangria was gross in red and white forms, and I should have realized that the night was going downhill from there- I mean, Rosa Mexicana can get this shit right.  We were not that hungry and just ordered some light bites, but let’s be clear: The review of the food at Dos Caminos is from a long line of disappointing experiences. This was a last ditch chance at redemption for them…the only good thing I have ever had there is some Mexican Cobb salad for lunch.  I ordered some quesadilla appetizer, which ended up being an unrecognizable green dumpling.  I literally could not eat it.  My friend got a proper cheese quesadilla, which was delicious, but every college student can make a good quesadilla.  Another disaster was some sort of salad with lots of fruit in it.  The quac was good enough, so we were fine until we left and really just thought about what we were served.  It was shocking how gross the food was.  In the future, when presented with Dos Caminos, take the other road…

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