February 8, 2016

New York Announces First Ever Food Fashion Week for Instagrammers… Because Nothing Tastes as Good as Food Looks


February 5, 2016 (New York, NY) Finally, there is something the food world and fashion world can agree on: eating is overrated, it is all about appearances.  Rather than invite Instagrammers into their restaurants to view their newest dishes, top NYC Chefs have decided to conduct runway shows to make sure their food is presented in the best lighting, and that everyone can snap the perfect picture. Social media influencers have become increasing more important to the the hospitality industry, just as the the disturbance they cause to the dining process has become unbearable.  Harsh lights, manipulation of dishes and standing on chairs has led to the creations of the more suitable forum of food fashion shows to achieve the goals of proper food photography, in order to satisfy the hunger of an insatiable Instagram audience for a never-ending supply of noodle pulling, egg yolks and dripping melted cheese. The physical set-up of the food fashion shows will mimic that of traditional fashion runway shows, with the most coveted positions being in the photographer’s pit and the front rows.  The food will be prepared and adjusted to ensure maximum photo value, regardless of how the dish is meant to be eaten. Real “foodie” Instagrammers know that temperature, taste and intended presentation are just after-thoughts of what a dish is meant to be, so the runway show eliminates the need for pesky details like flavor. Often unbothered with the experience of actually consuming thoughtfully prepared dishes, the fashion shows will allow a more efficient means of exploring food for those Instagrammers striving to attend as many events in one day as possible. Top trends for this Spring 2016 presentation that we can expect to see on the runways are the following:   -Large format milkshakes that will take "ice cream couturiers" over 15 hours to construct and will feature 100,000 sprinkles hand-placed with tweezers and donut/muffin/croissant hybrids floating on top -Pizza sandwiches filled with burgers, nachos, and waffles -Fried chicken stuffed meatballs topped with a runny egg Instagrammers will be awarded access on a lottery basis, so please apply ASAP on www.unbuttoningpants.com


October 7, 2014

Pantsarazzi: David Schwimmer at L’Artusi


While the Rachel haircut may now seem a little cringeworthy, some things, like our love for L'Artusi, are eternal. ICYMI, L'Artusi is one of our very favorite restaurants; visit after visit we are blown away by menu staples and specials alike, as well as the bustling vibe that is quintessential downtown New York City.  Although the trend of late has been in a similar vein, L'Artusi proves that high-caliber food does not need to come at a high price or stuffy setting.  So imagine what a fantastic Monday night I must have had when we David "Ross Geller" Schwimmer sat down right next to us at L'Artusi.  I had a friend that was hooking up with him for a while, so to me Schwimmer is more on the "I could totally hang out with him" celebrity spectrum, but still a fun sighting none the less. Schwimmer was doing his best "look at me don't look at me" thing by wearing a baseball cap throughout the entire meal, but he also ordered a martini, which I respect. Not sure what else he ordered ( a salad for sure), but below is the breakdown of my meal, which reminds me over and over how much I L'ove L'Artusi. Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 3.06.03 PM The mushrooms with pancetta, fried egg, and ricotta salata : This is one of the best vegetable dishes you will ever have, with every component prepared perfectly on their own but even more perfecter (yes I can say that) when eaten all together.  This is the first time that I didn't have to share this dish and I have never been happier. Beef carpaccio: So thin, yet so full of flavor and texture. Pastapalooza! Spaghetti with garlic, chiles and parmesan: Deceptively simple, this is my favorite pasta, always cooked perfectly, bursting with simple flavors done right. Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 3.06.54 PM Tagliatele with bolognese bianco and parmesan: Once you go white you can never go back... Special with lamb ragu: Lamb that must have fallen off the bone with these thick, sturdy little pasta nuggets and fresh tomato sauce, a special, and so special indeed Hazelnut chocolate torta- Basically a fancy candy bar...

June 12, 2014

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams at Lugo


Somewhere,  Taylor Swift is crying into her cookies, but carefully, as to not to smudge her cat eye makeup, because Jake G seems to be moving on with Regina George.  No stranger to sporting events (he sat court side at a Net's game with Jay and Bey and seemingly almost bored them to death), Jake chose our favorite pre-MSG spot, Lugo, for a date before catching  a fight across the street. The Pants can not comment if in fact Jake and Rachel are in fact sitting in a tree, ( we are still holding out for a McAdams/Gosling reunion) but since it was widely reported that they were dining together, we can only comment that his choice of restaurant is perfection.  Lugo is a welcome oasis in a Penn Station- focused dearth of dining options, a place serving solid, dependable Italian food in a pleasant, bustling environment. The Garden is located in a bit of a culinary wasteland, with very limited options for a quality pre/post event meal; of course there are multiple dining options inside the Garden itself, but some times you want a bite and a buzz before the big event. If we are really going to get dirty we will go to Brother Jimmy's; if  we are jonesing for some vino after swigging $12 beers we head to Bar Veloce, and when we want a civilized start to the evening, we always chose Lugo.  The meatballs ( I think Jake Gyllenhaal is a vegetarian?) are large, shareable and legit, and the menu offers other great options for groups like flatbreads and meat and cheese platters.  You can make a reservation as to avoid a time crunch, which is recommended because Lugo is also popular with the after-work commuting set. Time will only tell if Jake and Rachel are meant to last, but we believe in Lugo...and love, we also believe in love.

July 17, 2013

Pantsarazzi: Kanye West Bday Party at Miss Lily’s


Kanye West has done a few things of questionable taste of late, but his choice of Miss Lily's for his birthday party shows nothing but good, delicious taste. I know this is old news, (his birthday was early June) and with the arrival of his bouncing baby fame seeker no one is thinking about his party, but I like any opportunity to praise Miss Lily's. I have said this all before, but Miss Lily's has certified itself as one of the rare breed of restaurants that can open with a lot of hype, and go on to thrive without losing its cool. In Manhattan there are not a lot of options for jerk chicken, and I am not cool enough to head into the outer-boroughs to seek out the real deal, so in that repspect Miss Lily's doesn't really have any competition. Their jerk chicken is tasty and spicy, and the burger is also worth mentioning. My favorite item is the shrimp, in a sauce so red and spicy and delcious that I look forward to licking my fingers after I have peeled them all. The servers are all really god looking, and the juice counter atmosphere is a little kitschy, but fitting in the same way. The back room is a trip into a chilled out reggae world, perfect for these hot summer nights. So not only is Miss Lily's Pants approved, but Yeezus approves as well...

March 7, 2013

Pantsarazzi: Cecconi’s Miami Beach


Cecconi's Miami Beach has an unfair advantage in the star-gazing department because it is located in the Soho Beach House, the private, member's only club whose pool has seen some very naughty late night shenannigans. Every time you are reading US Weekly and see a celeb lounging on blue and white striped cushions by a pool (Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes), they are at Soho Beach House. While the pool and club area are off limits to non-members and non-hotel guests, Cecconi's is open to the public, and a prime spot to observe celebrities in their natural habitat- pushing their food around. First-hand sightings have included Courtney Cox, Cameron Diaz and A-Rod (remember them?), J Lo, Kate Walsh, and various Kardashians (shudder, sorry). It is a perfect place to start your night in Miami- under the stars and sitting amongst them; the menu is simple Italian food that you want to eat, done well, and the atmosphere is charming and beautiful, on a more earth-bound scale than some other places in Miami. Although there is a Ceccon's in LA and London, this is not a cookie cutter restaurant by any means, and the vibe is strictly Miami, with a retractable roof, and wooden trestles dotted with white lights in the branches. Besides from celebrities, you will see the usual Miami suspects: girls out for the night in Herve Leger, Europeans, older men with much younger women, and the Latin Birkin- carrying set. While Cecconi's is the restaurant of choice before going out for the evening, the locals know that the time to see and be seen is at the Sunday brunch; the whole drawing room of Soho House is taken over by a buffet offering everything from eggs to risotto and pizza. The price of brunch includes a Mimosa, and the tempting roving Bloody Mary cart has local club owners and tourists alike shelling out to make their throbbing heads stop pounding. Go early and go hungry. There is lots of air-kissing and plate cleaning, and we never miss it.

November 6, 2012

UES – So Hot Right Now (or at least during Sandy)


Anna Wintour/Carine Roitfeld via Getty Images

When Sandy swept the city, anyone and everyone below 39th Street lost electricity with no further information as to when it would be restored. When the going gets tough, the fancy get going! Uptown hasn't seen this many celebs since... well, maybe fashion week? But even then, Escalades swiftly move celebs, socialites and fashionistas back downtown before they can properly pronounce Nicolas Ghesquière.

Nevertheless, Pantsarazzi found out where the celebs were keeping warm - and tipsy - from the storm: The Mark Hotel.

We love Jean Georges at the Mark (see http://unbuttoningpants.com/2011/10/the-mark-firmly-hits-theirs/), and this was undoubtedly the place to see and be seen while the downtown restaurants and bars were shuttered.  Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld were spotted clanking martini glasses (kidding), along with Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, André Balazs, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, Kelly Ripa, and Russell Crowe just to name a few. I doubt Marc Jacobs ate our favorite truffle pizza, but at least regulars of ABC Kitchen could still get their JG fix.

Oh an don't worry - minutes after the power was restored, ABC Kitchen was still completely booked for the next two months.

April 26, 2012

Hollywood on the Hudson: Suggestions for Tribeca Film Fest Food


This time of year, Tribeca and its LuLu Lemon clad denizens get an extra shot of glamour thanks to the Tribeca Film Festival rolling into town.  Bobby D pulls out all of the big guns, and usually subdued Tribeca gets all gussied up for big time premieres and indie-thinkers.  If you happen to be in the area to enjoy some cinema or just try to creep some celebrities, here are some of our favorites joints to check out.  We won't guarantee a celebrity sighting, but it is worth a shot... Nobu: Any Hollywood heavyweight or lightweight starlet knows that Nobu is one of the best restaurants in NYC. Power lunches and celeb-filled lunches are a daily occurrence here, and this place is the perfect mix of style and substance.   The uniquely crafted signature dishes and inventive takes on Japanese food are a draw for svelte starlets, locals, and tourists alike.  Sip some sake and try not to stare...Some of our favorite dishes include: Salmon new style sashimi, miso chips with tuna, yellow sashimi with jalapenos, lobster moriwai pasta, black miso cod with butter lettuce. Note: if you can not get a reservation, try your luck at Nobu Next Door...also, eating late here (10 pm) is not as offensive as it is at other places... The Harrison: I love the vibe of this creative American restaurant- it is light and airy, like dining at your friend's really nice Hamptons house.  It is a perfect place for under the radar celebrities to catch up and fill up.  Amanda Freitag has a fresh, straightforward approach to cooking and a menu that has something for everyone.  This is both a neighborhood spot and a destination. Kutsher's: Since its opening, Kutcher's has been getting a lot of attention for a menu that has both new and familiar classic Jewish items.  Displaced NY'ers returning from LA might want to check out this trendy space serving some of the food that they grew up with.  The potato pancakes with caviar are  the true stars of the menu, and there is a to die for Reuben during lunch time. This place is usually pretty busy, and the space is buzzy. Locanda Verde-Maybe the Beautiful People have an easier time getting in to Locanda Verde, because it is always a mission for me. If I had DeNiro on speed dial, I would definitely hit him up to squeeze me in for some lamb meatball sliders and roast chicken. The best bet for Locanda Verde is to get there early and wait for a walk-in table.  Or better yet, see if you can sit outside and watch the action go by.  This is one of my favorite places, and a must-see spot in Tribeca, any time of year. Smith and Mills-Say you just got out of an intense documentary and you want to discuss what you just saw with some friends over artisinal cocktails and bites (burger, meatballs, sausage and pretzel, cheese plate), then this is your place.  Although it is teeny tiny, Smith and Mills has a devoted celebrity following, and it is a perfect place for a late night drink in a pretty sleepy neighborhood. Marc Forgione:  You never know what famous faces could be lurking in this rustic dining room.  The casual vibe covers up some serious foodie cred going on, and the chicken alone is worth a little jet lag.  This is a great place to belly up to the bar and then fill your belly.  This is also a pretty romantic spot, so if you happen to making a date night out of any screenings, this is your jam. Nobu: 105 Hudson Street (at Franklin); (212)-219-0500 www.noburestaurants.com The Harrison: 355 Greenwich Street (at Harrison); (212)274-9310 www.theharrison.com Kutsher's: 186 Franklin Street (between Greenwich and Hudson); (212)431-0606 www.kutsherstribeca.com Locanda Verde: 377 Greenwich Street (at North Moore); (212)925-3797 www.locandaverdenyc.com Smith and Mills: 71 North Moore Street (between Hudson and Greenwich); (212) 226-2515 www.smithandmills.com Marc Forgione: 134 Reade Street (between Hudson and Greenwich); 212-941-9401 www.marcforgione.com

December 13, 2011

Pantsarazzi-Rihanna at Philippe


Rihanna loves Philippe- she is in there just about every time she is in NYC.  Philippe has two great private rooms, one of which is a wine cellar, that affords celebrities a blanket of privacy until the owner sells them out for PR.  Regardless, the hook at Philippe is this:  While some might bitch that it is not "real" Chinese food, Philippe draw people back by doing very particular and unique menu items very well- items that are only available at Philippe (or Mr. Chow, from where the people behind Philippe stole all of their recipes). So, when Rihanna goes to Philippe, it is most likely that RiRi is craving very specific specialities and not just Chinese food in general.  If anyone is to go to Philippe (or Mr. Chow, to be honest), below is a list of the can't miss items.  Now, when you meet Rihanna, you will have something to talk about, other than, you know, Chris Brown. Chicken Satay (the iconic orange color is from carrots; the creamy peanut sauce is very fattening, but delicious) Chicken lettuce wraps (at Mr Chow they are squab) Crispy Seaweed Salad (don't try to figure it out, just love its sweet crunchiness, and bring floss) Nine Spice Prawns Green Prawns (the green is from spinach) Crispy Beef

November 14, 2011

The Place to Catch Just about Everyone you Know and Read About


Buzz Buzz Buzz...you hear that?  Although fish don't usually make that sound, there is a deafening buzz about Catch, the new seafood joint/clubhouse from the EMM Group, located-where else- on a prime corner in the Meatpacking District.  Since this place has been open, their PR machine has made sure that celebrities passing through town, Supermodels looking for a place to hold their Halloween party and just about every sceney person in NYC has dined there.  A sample of celebs that have been to Catch (some were there for private parties, in all fairness, not just dining on their own) include: Jay Z, Nas, 'Melo and La La, Julianne Hough, Miranda Kerr, Bradley Cooper, etc etc...Also there are assorted promoters, models, people with famous parents, etc... The good news is that there is actually delicious food to go with all of that eye candy, and the menu is definitely celeb- size- 0- friendly, with lots of raw bar, sushi, simply grilled fish, and the like.  The chef is a former Top Chef winner, and the food is drastically better than Abe and Arthur's, EMM's other MPD resto .  The dining room is large, and I am sure that the owners themeselves have devised some sort of strategic seating plan, so that celebs, socials and nobodies are all in their rightful place. Service was efficient and friendly, and they didn't even rush us out of our table, even though I am sure they were dying for it back. I was thrilled to have my first stone crabs of the season, even if it meant getting a little dirty in front of the beautiful people.    Prices add up, but is a small price to pay to be part of the scene du jour.

October 12, 2011

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Therwhatever at Mole


Jen Aniston, I wish that we were Friends in real life, for so many reasons, but I have a firm belief that we would get along, built on many common interests, starting with Margaritas.  It often written about Miss A's many trips to Cabo, and her baby bump situation is often speculated on based on nothing more than if she chose to sip a 'rita or not with her Mexican cuisine.  The same is often associated with Jessica Simpson, who is blessed with the metabolism of a normal person and not a Hollywood Super Freak, which also makes me think that Jessica SImpson and I would get along as well. I have been known to get down with a margarita or 7, and I always love love Mexican food... Anyway, it is often said that there is no decent Mexican food on the East Coast, and I was happy that Jennifer and Justin chose Mole, because it is one of my favorite Mexican spots in the city.  It has a prime location in the West Village, and it is too bad that Jen is too famous to be able to sit outside on a nice night. ( Mole actually has a weird aversion to three people sitting outside because it takes up two tables and that one empty chair really kills the host, so usually a party of three has to squeeze into a two top, this has happened to me twice).  I have no idea what she ate there, but everything is fresh and delicious, if not as authentic as what is available in Cali. The queso dip is a revelation, every gooey ounce of it, but something tells me that Jen skipped that as well as my other favorite, the Tacos Americanos.  Probably not the most sophisticated dish on the menu, but the Tacos Americano bring me back to my childhood before my mother really cooked, when she would serve hard shelled tacos with chopped meat and Old El Paso seasoning, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, to a very happy family.  Mole is such a yummy choice for dinner in the West Village, and I love that Jen and Justin chose this for a low key night out...Jen, llamame por favor...