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  • scene: People who like to be able to have a conversation with their drinks; first daters hoping to seal the deal but seem classy; locals
  • sip: Italian wines of course
  • savor: Proscuitto di parma panini (it has truffle oil); meat and cheese assortment; World Famous Nutella Panino
  • sit: With your significant other; your friend you haven't seen in a while; your friend that wants one more drink before going home
  • spend: $$
  • address: 176 Seventh Avenue (between 20th and 21st Street)
  • phone number: 212-629-5300
  • website:

If your idea of the La Dolce Vita is some salty meat and cheese washed down with Italian wine, then Bar Veloce is the place for you.  Also- you should be our friend… Bar Veloce in Chelsea has become our Go-To wine bar for a few reasons: When it is not crowded, it is relatively hassle free, and completely devoid of pretenstion; the environment is cozy, but not overly romantic; there are also yummy snacks available, and everything is priced well.  This is a place run by Italians- there is no “teaching” element to the wine bar, they just want everyone to enjoy what they are drinking. That being said, the only down side is the slightly limited service, but if you are too lazy to get off your stool and order some wine, then are you a disgrace to the Real Drinkers in the world.

The wine list at Bar Veloce is broken down simply by “sparkling”, “white”, “rose” and “red”, and every wine has a description below it in actual human terms; the wines are described with flavors that most people can identify with.  Servers are happy to help you navigate the options, and even will allow you to try a little of two wines if you can’t decide what you want.  This is a great no-brainer “meet for a drink” place, after work, after dinner, or even later in the night.  Also- although it is a few blocks away, the Sisterhood likes to stop by Bar Veloce after MSG events some times- nothing wrong with “wine”ding down after a Madonna concert or getting off the train from the US Open. Also- the meat and cheeses, and paninis (yum, truffle oil) are the perfect snack for sipping…if you get enough of them, they can definitely be a meal.  The nutella panini is one of a kind and not to be missed….the only downside to these melted amazing treats is the heat given off by the panini maker, so if you are wearing a grey t-shirt or a silk shirt, you might want to sit at the other end of the bar.

The crowd at Bar Veloce runs the gamut, but usually it is sophisticated daters, co-workers having an affair and small groups of girls.  The stools are not the most comfortable, and it does get busy, but it is worth it. We love the screen showing old school Italian black and white movies.   Any time you can’t think of where you feel like drinking wine, think of Bar Veloce…and look for us…

P.S. There is an East Village location, on Second Ave near 11th Street

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