May 2014

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May 19, 2014

Black Seed Bagels – A “hole” lot of yumminess

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170 Elizabeth Street (Prince and Spring)
(212) 730-1950

Excellent. You'll consume more than your skinny jeans will allow.

Black Seed Bagel NYC

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  • scene: Pretty small; light wood seating area leads to a small counter and a major bagel -making open kitchen
  • sip: Whateva
  • savor: Bagels and shmears! Inventive sandwich combos and classic fish offerings...
  • sit: With friends that like carbs...
  • stilettos: Come as you are, as you were...
  • spend: $
  • address: 170 Elizabeth Street (Prince and Spring)
  • phone number: (212) 730-1950
  • website:

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Growing up, breakfast in our house usually consisted of healthy cereal or some sort of bagel/bialy situation; most likely half a bagel, always toasted, always with cream cheese, some times with smoked salmon or tomato.  Our mother has never eaten an egg in her life (she picks them out of fried rice) , so breakfast […]

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Murray's Cheese NYC

May 7, 2014

Barchetta- More Like Barchett-ehhhhhh

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461 West 23rd Street
(212) 255-7400

Good. But you'll still be able to go dancing after your meal.

Barchetta NYC

pants at a glance

  • scene: A little nautical, with white walls and light wood and leather; fun 70's and 60's soul playing...
  • sip: Anything! Specialty cocktails and wine, etc...
  • savor: Kingfish
  • sit: Hmmmm...friends from the neighborhood, date night, with a friend who likes to try the newest hottest places
  • stilettos: The room is polished fairly laid back, jeans and heels, cute spring dress and flat sandals, no need to go all Met Gala crazy
  • spend: $$
  • address: 461 West 23rd Street
  • phone number: (212) 255-7400
  • website:

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Fish Facegood in the hoodHyped Chef

I am not quite sure how to write up Barchetta, the newest place from Dave Pasternack from Esca and LDV Hospitaltiy. I know that this might sound like we should have known better, but we were just so excited to eat at Barchetta that we broke our rule (again) of giving a place time to […]

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