April, 2013

Serafina NYC

Buttons Undone

Serafina- Here, There, Everywhere

Pants at a Glance
  • scene: Europeans, ladies who lunch and people with strollers during the day; night-time varies by location
  • sip: Pinot Grigio, Peroni, Pellegrino
  • savor: Focaccia di Sofia; chicken Milanse; pasta Al Pacino; chicken paillard
  • sit: With a girlfriend or two to wind down after shopping; with a group of couples at night
  • spend: $$
  • address: Various locations
  • website: www.serafinarestaurant.com

Pants Rant: I mind your manners

And they say downtown is the where the wild things are! I was being all “ladies who lunch but actually cocktail” at Amaranth yesterday with a respectable member of the uptown scene and a regular diner at Amaranth. I was all dressed in my uptown boho look (think Rachel Zoe without a hat), and trying to keep myself from slouching,...