Besides from our family, friends and our health, the Pants would like to give thanks to the Food Gods for some of the gifts that they have bestowed upon us. Our taste-buds have been tickled, teased and treated this year by tastes and textures that we are better people for having experienced. In honor of Thanksgiving, see below for a list of the dishes and places that we are thankful for right now.

Tuna sandwich- Frankies 570
Toro and caviar- Neta
Black truffle and foie gras chicken- The Nomad
Egg, parmesan mushrooms- L’Artusi
Miso Ramen-Ipuddo
Sunday meatballs- Extra Virgin
Soup dumplings- Joe’s Shanghai
Grandma’s Pizza- Bleecker Street Pizza
Salmon with tomatoes- Sushi of Gari
Mint Love Letters- Babbo
Emiglia Romana Pizza- Fred’s at Barneys
Lemon Pasta- Lil’ Frankies
Chicken salad- Westside market
Smoked Meat Sandwich- Mile End Sandwich Shop
Black Label Burger- Minetta Tavern

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