December 2011

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December 13, 2011

Daniel, Fancy Pants

buttons bursting open

60 East 65th Street (between Madison and Park)

The highest Pants praise! You'll head home to stretchy-pants bliss.

pants at a glance

  • scene: This is the big leagues. Everything here is done in a slick uptown way, with generous details and a refined palette (atmosphere and food). The main dining room is nowhere as ornate as it used to be, which makes it a little less daunting. There is also a more casual front room option.
  • sip: I mean, do I have to spell it out? Fancy wines, champers, anything you would like
  • savor: Anything you eat is going to be fucking amazing, it is DANIEL; madeleines
  • sit: Hmmm...Daniel is a special occasion place for sure, but don't be intimidated! Without saying, this a place for your foodie friend from out of town, a nice place for your parents' anniversary, your anniversary, or just a place to treat yourself to a very memorable meal
  • stilettos: Do it up! I wore my 7 inch Loubs and stumbled a little with the stairs to the restroom, but luckily the ample staff just straightened me up like it happens all of the time
  • spend: $$$$
  • address: 60 East 65th Street (between Madison and Park)
  • phone number: 212-288-0033
  • website:

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To begin, I must disclose that the Sisterhood is somewhat fancy, and we have been lucky enough to dine at Daniel in all of its incarnations: the original at the Surrey Hotel, the fancy fancy dining room at the present location several times, and now at the newer model in the current spot. Going to […]

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